Facebook Hackers Adds Comments to Posts

We’ve all gotten those Facebook messages we think are from friends. “Is this you?” or “You weere caught on our secret cmera!”
By now most of us know these are from hackers, gaining access to our Facebook accounts and then our passwords and finally our computer.

Many Facebook users have figured this out and delete those messages rather than click on them.

But now, those hackers are trying to add some credibility to their creepy messages.

I got one the other day from a high school friend that read “You weere caughht on our secreet cameraa!” and included a shortened link to a site.

But below that message were comments from some of my other friends. Drew wrote “Have a HAPPY Thannksgiving see you soon” and a day later Donald posted the comment “Thanks , and may you have a great Thnksgiving day!”

I’ll admit the comments below the post made me look twice and even think briefly that it might really be a link that other friends found useful.

But it isn’t. Hackers are able to get your Facebook information because just one of your friends clicked on a similar link. So now, they’ve figured that adding fictional comments to their fictional posts might encourage you to click on the link. Don’t fall for it. Generic messages of “is this you on a hiiden camera” are from hackers. Always from hackers.

No matter who you think may have commented on it.


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