If Google Buys Twitter, What’s to Stop Them?

Word is that Google, the empire, is talking about buying Twitter. Tech Crunch says its heard that negotiations are in late stages.

Twitter turned down an offer from Facebook a few months ago and then Facebook turned around and copied the Twitter interface.

But this is more than users or subscribers or how the home page looks. It’s about Twitter search. Why would Google want to buy a company for its search when billions of computer users around the world think “search” and “google” are the same things? We even say “Let’s google Fran Tarkenton” (of course I may be the first in the world to ever say “google Fran Tarkenton but you get the point.

According to Tech Crunch, Google will pay cash for Twitter.

Cash? A company has cash? I wish they’d use it to buy a tv station group. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Google.tv. A traditional broadcast company that leveraged its resources to become a mobile phone and internet live news operation.

There would be an iPhone app where people could watch news as it happens on their mobile device. By buying a tv station group, Google would have reporters and anchors and cameras and live trucks and helicopters and studios. Sure they could acquire all of that stuff themselves but they could find some real bargains on tv stations right now.

And think of the audience. I’d wager a guess that in five years a live internet broadcast news operation that would be easily accessible (for free) on mobile devices would have a larger audience that the big three networks national newscasts.

Just thinking.



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2 responses to “If Google Buys Twitter, What’s to Stop Them?

  1. Brad

    Google already owns a tv station…its called Current TV and its on Directv & Dishnetwork.

  2. Current TV is a channel rather than a tv station. Google relies on viewers to create the content/programming.

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