Quick Update

Thanks again to everybody who calls, e-mails and twitters. I haven’t had much to update lately as the doctors haven’t really told me anything new. I did see a spine specialist today who made me feel a lot better.

No, my back still hurts but he made me feel better by telling me my back should still hurt. It’s been 5 weeks tomorrow and I was beginning to think I needed to toughen up and stop whining about back pain. The spine doctor was surprised that I was getting around as well as I could and said I should give it another week before going back to work.

He’s sending me to get a different back brace that will give me a lot more support. Both orthopedic places I worked with today said they were going to get me in before Thanksgiving because I don’t need to go without one of these braces another day.

I’m still planning to go back to work Monday.


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