Weird Huh?

I’m changing the theme in this here space, preparing for what comes Friday.

For those familiar with Twitter, this theme interface will make perfect sense. The theme is designed to work with mobile phones and texting so an author, or multiple authors can update the blog from a cellphone.

updated: that didn’t last long. I hated that theme. this one isn’t Twitterific but it’ll do.

Specifically, this twitter-like design is meant to be used with the new iPhone. I got an e-mail yesterday telling me that the local Apple store in Nashville will be open at 8am Friday morning to begin selling the new iPhone.

Now I don’t know if I’m going to be standing in line Friday morning or not. As anxious as I am to get an iPhone, I’ve learned it can behoove one to wait a few days until the dust settles after a debut.

My old contract with Sprint has expired and I’m free to move about the cellphone world. But another day or week won’t hurt me. I still have a 662 area code and would like to get that changed as quickly as possible.

So, in the event a new iPhone is in my immediate future, I thought I’d go ahead and switch this interface.

Like anybody cares.


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