The New iPhone is Coming, the new iPhone is coming!!!!!

My 2-year commitment to Sprint has expired. I’ve been waiting and waiting, hoping to take advantage of the struggling tel-com companies. Surely they all want me.

I’ve been trying to find an iPhone. The folks at Sprint have tried to talk me into getting one of their new “Instinct” phones. But this afternoon, there’s this from the Associated Press:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Apple Inc. has unveiled an upgraded iPhone
with a faster Internet connection and satellite navigation
capabilities – priced $200 lower than current models, but with more
expensive service.
Analysts have said Apple needed to slash the multimedia gadget’s
price and upgrade it to work over so-called 3G, or
third-generation, wireless networks to hit the company’s target of
selling 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008.
An 8 gigabyte model is to sell for $199 starting July 11. A 16
gigabyte model will cost $299. The devices are to roll out
initially in 22 countries.
Apple has inked deals for wireless carriers in a total of 70
countries to carry the new iPhone.
AT&T Inc., the exclusive U.S. carrier for the phone, said its
plans for the phone will start at $39.99 per month, plus $30 for
unlimited data. That works out to be a $10 increase from the
cheapest plan for the first-generation iPhone.

$299 is cheaper than I had hoped. Now, if only I can find one.


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  1. Candy

    Before you make the leap to another cell provider, get your current one to give you a written statement verifying the expiration date of your contract. We just switched from our carrier to a competitor, and our carrier tried to make us pay $400 in early termination fees. THey said we had made a “verbal contract” several months prior when we called to request additional minutes to be added to our plan. We never agreed to such, and the customer service agent never mentioned that it would affect our contract. When we contested the termination fees, customer service was unhelpful and just kept parrotting the “verbal contract” line, even when we talked to a supervisor. The only way we got results was filing a BBB complaint and a complaint with the Attorney General of the state in which our carrier was headquartered. They finally removed the early termination fees as a “courtesy” but still maintained we had made a verbal contract to extend the length of our term. To make matters worse, we had phoned our carrier 2 days prior to terminating, and customer service told us that our contract had already expired–as we thought it had. From now on, we’re telling customer service reps with any company that we’re recording the conversation for our own protection.

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