Freak Accident Injures Montana Movie Extras

Workers on the Hannah Montana movie lost control of a lighting scrim which plunged into a ferris wheel loaded with movie extras.

My wife and little girl were there and saw the whole thing develop. My wife says the scrim, which resembles a projection screen, was being pulled by ropes and cables near the stage. The winds picked up and the scrim began flying out of control. The workers were unable to pull it in and it swooped down above the crowd, causing some of the extras to hit the ground.

The scrim, which is used to diffuse light, was about 40′ by 40′. After swooping over the crowd it flew up and hit one of the ferris wheel cars occupied by a woman and her son. The car rocked but did not flip over.

A Disney representative told me six people were taken to a hospital but none were thought to be seriously hurt.

Glad all of those people are okay and the production continues. By the way, my daughter came home all happy and excited after getting close enough to Miley to touch her hand.

I found it interesting that none of the extras I spoke to this morning seemed to be the least bit interested in actually being seen in the movie. They were only excited about seeing Miley.


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