Miley, Miley, Miley

My family has come down with an odd mental illness. Miley-mania, or Montana-itus.

Disney is filming the Hannah Montana movie in Middle Tennessee and for the past two weeks, the production has been my wife and kids’ #1 topic. Lauren, my oldest drove all the way from Birmingham to be an extra for one day. She’s pretty sure she’ll actually be in the movie because she was so close to Miley during the scenes shot at a nearby high school.

This morning, Cameron, my wife, was gone before I woke up. She had to be on a shuttle bus by 6:30 to be driven to the shooting location. She didn’t get home until after 9pm. “A lot of standing around” she said, “but I did get to see Miley and I was just a few feet from Vanessa Williams”.

Tomorrow, she’ll take my youngest, Delaney for what a Disney rep told me is the biggest scene in the movie: a huge carnival where Miley will perform a concert. Dolly Parton is also supposed to be there performing on stage.

Cameron will also go back every other day this week for other scenes. She’s getting paid but maybe not more than minimum wage. Of course, this will probably be a chance of a lifetime for a shot to be seen, however briefly, in a major motion picture. And before you say “yeah, but it’s a Hannah Montana movie”, I will predict that this Disney picture will gross more than any other movie shot in Tennessee.

As for my participation, I tried. Actually I went to an open audition for adults a few weeks ago. Delaney’s friends had all gotten invitations for tomorrow’s concert scene but she hadn’t. So when I heard producers needed adult men for extra roles, I thought I’d fill out an application and try to get Delaney’s foot in the door.

The casting folks barely gave me the time of day. “We thank you for coming down Mr…..uh….Tucker. We’ll call you”.

Maybe the girls will get on the big screen. I hope at least Delaney gets close to Miley tomorrow. That’d make her day. And her daddy’s.


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