Is it just me?

or has American Idol finally jumped the shark?

With four finalists remaining there’s not one I would ever consider seeing in concert or buying their cd.

Paula has become the only entertaining part of the show and even that is in the same way that a car wreck on the side of the road can be entertaining.

Jason, Syesha, David and David are about as fun to watch as an episode of “Blossom”. Oh, we still watched Tuesday night but during the second half-hour I looked around and saw that none of us were really watching.

My 8 year old daughter left the room to practice her piano. My wife left the room to take a phone call. My 12 year old son was watching YouTube videos of severe weather coverage (he’s going to be a news director some day). I stopped watching to check e-mail and read my news feeds.

But I did hear enough tonight to know that Jason was horrible. Maybe the worst two performances of the entire season. I hope he goes through to the next round.

Syesha, or however you spell her name, seems to get better. Her tears and the fact that Randy didn’t like her second performance, may have helped keep her around another week.

David the rock guy was okay but I don’t think he’s a good singer. His voice sounds pretty much the same week after week…like he’s nasaling his way through the lyrics. He’s the best that’s left though.

The pre-pubescent David may have the best voice, but I can’t stand him. He may end up winning this thing but he’ll never be a star, at least not for long.

We won’t watch Wednesday’s result show at all. Oh, we’ll probably tune in for the last 3 minutes but there’s no way I’m going to waste an hour waiting on the announcement.

And as long as I’m visiting A.I., there’s also this: I’m sick of local FOX affiliates doing stories about the show during the newscasts. Who hasn’t seen a tease like this:

“the final 4 (5, 6, 8, 12 whatever’s left) contestants on American Idol are gearing up for tomorrow’s big show. What do they do to get ready?”

Fonzie’s boat is warming up…he’s strapped on the water skis and the crowd is gathering. time to jump the shark.


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  1. mike

    The ratings tell the story, AI is still king on Tuesday and Wednesday nights but has fallen off not just in households but those oh so desirable demos that advertisers crave. It had its seasons in the sun but that sun is setting. It will still be around for awhile but the cultural phenom of Idol is over. Survivor is going through the same thing. Everyone talked about Survivor the day after and even anchors on competing mornig shows but not anymore. The beauty of those two shows was you could watch them with your kids. How many shows on network TV can you say that about. Our now 17 year old stopped watching Survivor two seasons ago and stopped watching Idol this season. I miss that.

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