New Water System Leaves a Bad Taste

We were spoiled by living around Memphis the past 8 years. The water, even right out of the tap tasted as fine as any storebought H2O. The first time I swigged a glass of water from our faucet in Hendersonville….  bleaauch.

Even after boiling, the water tastes like you’ve opened your mouth while swimming in a lake.

So when the travelling salesman left a calling card promising a free gift just for hearing his pitch for a whole house water system…I figured we had to do something.

He was good. Maybe the best salesman I’ve ever seen. But he also lied.

We paid several thousand dollars for a Hague Water System. It makes our water taste as good as what we had in Memphis. We also get all the shampoo, bar soap and dishwashing liquid that we could possibly want. The system works fine. But service after the sale, like a lot of places these days, makes me want to tell everybody about the lousy and deceitful folks we’ve been dealing with the past year and a half.

Our salesman told us once they installed the system, we wouldn’t have to pay for any maintenance the next 5 years. A year later, we get a call saying a new filter will cost us $100. Then this morning the system was beeping. I called the service number printed on the system and the man on the line said he’d send someone over.

That technician discovered that the water pressure coming into our house is higher than normal and that’s what caused the system to shut down. He said the system should have had a regulator of some type installed when it was first put in service.

He wanted to charge me $130 to install the $65 piece of equipment they should have put on the system when they first installed it. He also was charging me $95 for the visit. So…$225 for a $65 part.

And we were told that we’d never have to pay for maintenance on the system for the first 5 years.

Buyer beware. A salesman will impress you with how their filtered water will soap up easier and taste better. They’ll tell you that the soft water will add years to your plumbing. They might even tell you that “if you buy this system before I leave today, I’ll knock off $500.” They might tell you you can have all the soap and shampoo you can use and tell you that you’ll never have to spend a dime on maintenance.

But don’t believe all of it. Yes…the water does taste better. Yes, I’m up to my knees in free soap. But I’m going to need all of it.

They’ve taken me to the cleaners.


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One response to “New Water System Leaves a Bad Taste

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience. Feel free to be upset at the dealer for misleading you or for their terrible after sale service – but that’s really where the blame is – with the dealer. The Hague system itself, assuming it is installed professionally, should give you a lifetime of service with little to no maintenance involved.

    As a dealer in another area, I’m sorry to hear about your problems with this particular salesman. If you want to take it up with the dealer (which you probably have done,) or the Better Business Bureau, or with Hague itself, feel free. That just plain shouldn’t happen. On behalf of other dealers out there, the ones that value their clients and realize that without them, there would be no dealers, I apologize for your issues.

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