CBS Has the Best Theme Music

Fox may have American Idol, but the network with the best original music has to be CBS.

This week is a good example. Last Monday night, “One Shining Moment” played behind the highlights of the NCAA basketball tournament. The song, written by David Barrett was first used by CBS after the ’87 championship game. One of the best sports songs of the last 25 years.

And then this weekend, CBS is using another classic sports theme for The Masters.

I’m sure you’ve heard the instrumental under pictures of azaleas and dogwoods, but in case you don’t know what I’m talking about…

Now I’ve heard this song for years but I didn’t know anything about it…until today. Written by David Loggins, the song “Augusta” actually has lyrics though CBS uses only the music.

David Loggins, the same guy who sang “Please Come to Boston” wrote the song after visiting Augusta National.

Two really cool pieces of music that airs on one network in the same week. Until I hear them…there is no spring.


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One response to “CBS Has the Best Theme Music

  1. Those are two good pieces of sports music…….but CBS by far has the worst NFL theme song.

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