I’m Quit

(or “My Time to Quit”…no really this time)

Has it been 15 years since I put that first dip of snuff in my lip? Good times, sure. The wintergreen fine-cut and me had plenty of good times. Shoot, just about every good time I’ve had in the past decade and a half were shared with Red Seal or Red Man or Skoal.

I’ve got pictures of me holding my newborn babies with an ugly pouched out lip. I’ve had hundreds, maybe thousands of spit cans and cups and bottles and even wal-mart bags. But now…I think I can say officially “I’m Quit!”

It hasn’t been easy. I first tried to quit soon after we moved to Southaven in ’98. I remember painting the walls of my office and saying, “I’m quitting this stuff”. Sometime around 11 o’clock I drove to Wal-Mart to buy nicotine gum. I also bought “my last can”. Only it wasn’t. Neither were any of the next 3,500 cans.

Don’t believe it could really be 3,500 cans? Well that is an understatement if anything. I was going through at least one can a day. 365 days times 10 years brings us to 3,650 cans. At the very minimum. The really sad part of the story is each of those cans cost $2 at the least. I’ve also forked over as much as $4.50 for a can if I’ve been on vacation. So at that price and at that many cans I’ve spent a small fortune on tins of tobacco.


During those 15 years I’ve dipped at Disneyworld, Sunday School (it was a class Christmas party), on the job and even once, just a few seconds before a live shot, (seriously, I spit it out while the anchors were tossing to me).

But now..I’m quit.

I know I’m not completely out of the woods yet but I’ve been dip-free for four weeks. That’s not free and clear I understand, but during these four weeks I’ve taken several long car trips by myself which, for me, is the real test. I’ve worked in the yard, stayed up late on the computer and have had plenty of stressful days. Still, I’m quit.

I’ve found that Freedent gum is good for me. Other chewing gum is too soft, but this Freedent is thick and more difficult to chew. The consistency seems to be perfect for putting “between my cheek and gum” to replace what my lip has gotten used to.

So now I’m quit. 15 years after buying my first can of Skoal for $1.74.



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2 responses to “I’m Quit

  1. Todd

    I’m proud of you Jamey.

    I’m sure this was as hard, if not harder to quit than those on cigs…

    Just take it one day at a time.

    Start putting that $2 a can you would have spent in a vacation fund…

  2. Amy

    Catching up on all your posts…Way to go on quitting!! Congratulations! I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with chronic bronchitis. I have to quit smoking, had intended to this year anyway. I’m really not looking forward to it. I’m petrified. My mom smokes two packs a day and it’s going to be so hard to stop when it’s what I smell when I go to bed at night and when I get up in the morning.

    How did the MRI go? Hope all is well!

    Oh, and did y’all ever try making marshmallows?

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