A Few Things 2

  • Got another call about the aforementioned “wedding couple”. Apparently it is true. A reporter from WREG and a reporter from WMC did exchange vows recently. I’ve known producers and photographers and directors to be married to employees at the competition, but this is a first as far as two on-air competitors doing the nuptials.
  • I ran into a former co-worker this week. Kevin Osgood, who was known as Kevin Yodjas back when we worked together at WHNT in Huntsville in the ’90s. Kevin is out of the business and working for a company that designs news sets for television studios. It caused me to remember what a magical time it was for our news team. We started as the #3 station in the market, but in two short years we were #1 in nearly every show. We had some great people working for us. Not only were we all dedicated to the station, we were having a blast.
  • Speaking of WHNT, an older man walked up to me when I was at a doctor’s appointment yesterday and asked “aren’t you on tv?”. I introduced myself and told him where I work, but he said…”yeah, but I remember you from when you were in Huntsville.” The guy had no idea I was working in Nashville now but somehow placed me back at WHNT. That never stops surprising me.
  • I covered the Presidential visit to Nashville this morning. Does it seem like it’s been 8 years since George W was on the campaign trail for the first time? He came to Memphis about this time 8 years ago.
  • Brooke White may not be the best singer or the most exciting contestant on American Idol this year, but if she gets the right songwriters and producers, she could be the biggest star from this group, even if she doesn’t win it.
  • Anybody else get the feeling that Governor Spitzer’s wife might have had a grip on the waistband of his underwear during his news conference Monday? For her to stand there with this creep for television and front page photos, she should have been granted the right to give him a royal wedgie for as long as he made his speech. She could have hooked the edges over his Dumbo looking ears.
  • My son’s new little friend is the grandaughter of a singer who is half of a famous ’70s pop group.
  • Have you ever teared up a little just by hearing a favorite song that you haven’t heard in a long long time?

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