A Few Things

Wouldn’t it be cool if we got to set our clocks forward an hour Friday afternoon at 4 instead of in the middle of the night Sunday morning?

A quick poll this morning and I couldn’t find anyone who’s ever known a reporter from one station marrying a reporter from a competing station. I’m hearing that happened in the Memphis market last weekend. If true, congratulations to the happy couple. Anybody able to confirm this with a wedding cake photo?

I’m going to try the M.R.I again next week. This time, it’ll be in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning. I’ll stay up most of the night before and work through the day. I’m banking on being sleepy enough to relax with the medication. Insurance doesn’t want to pay for the open-MRI so this may be the only way I can get it done.

Wal Mart is opening dozens of stores in small towns across America on Friday. Wouldn’t it be interesting to follow a local mom and pop business for a few months to see what impact a supercenter has on these folks?

I’m glad Danny Noriega was voted off Idol this week. Same with the other guy, whathisname.
Too bad Asia’h Epperson sang first Tuesday night. I think she may have gotten lost in the crowd. None of the people leaving had a chance of winning so it really doesn’t matter when they leave.

Paula either needs to double up her medication or cut it in half. Her current dosage isn’t working.

I haven’t had a dip of snuff in nearly two weeks. I’m jonesing for one tonight though.

Never mind what the publicist is saying, if Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer he is not doing well. I’ve known two people with that type of cancer. Both died within two months of being diagnosed.


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