Idol: Where the Boys At?

What is it about American Idol that seems to find the most sissyfied guys for the top 24? How many of the male contestants sing like girls? That may be fine for a lot of viewers and I’m not suggesting that feminine sounding guys should be tossed, but it’s not for me.

Tonight was 80’s night and several of the guys…er boys, took on some of the worst songs of that decade. Luke Menard sang “Wake Me Up Before you Go Go”, a Wham song. Last time I head this song it was being made fun of in “The Wedding Singer”. I haven’t liked anything Menard has sung since Hollywood week. I didn’t think this one was very good either. He could go this week.

Danny Noriega, the guy a lot of people are comparing to Sanjaya from last year, sassed his way through “Tainted Love”, one of the songs that identifies the 80s music era. He sashays on stage more than any contestant since Katherine McPhee. His winks to the audience are creepy. I really think he’s leaving this week. “” thinks he should go too, so the website is encouraging people to vote for him this week. Votefortheworst aims to make a mockery of the show by pushing the worst singer every year to the finals. The site took a lot of credit for Sanjay’s lengthy stay last year. Noriega is definitely the worst of the remaining guys.

I thought Michael Johns, the guy from Australia was rather ordinary again this week. But the judges really like this guy. I don’t think I’d buy one of his cds but my wife likes him. I thought the last two weeks showed he isn’t that good of a singer and is more style and look than voice.

David Archuleta, the 17 year old who sang “Imagine” last week, was really really good tonight at the piano. He sang “Another Day in Paradise” from Phil Collins and I thought it was great. The judges were a little cool on him this week, urging him to pick up the tempo and attitude next week. I think the kid is one of the best singers and song stylists that this show has seen in 7 years.

David Cook surprised me tonight. He came out with an electric guitar and rocked up a version of Lionel Richie’s “Hello”. I thought it was great and even told my wife that I’d buy a cd of that song tonight (and I probably will on iTunes). I liked the rock-style version even better than Richie’s version from 1982.

Chikeezie was good tonight with a Whitney Houston song and Jason Castro’s version of Hallelujah was okay. The judges thought it was great though so what do I know? I thought he was a bit off tempo several times and ran out of breath on the last line.

And I think Paula either doubled up on her medication or didn’t take it at all. At the end as she was trying to give the guys a standing ovation she nearly stumbled or fell back into her chair. She was even more incoherent and annoying tonight than usual. I used to think the show wouldn’t be the same without her cheerleading the contestants, but now she’s too predictable. Hopefully though, they won’t play her music video again.

Who goes? I think the worst this week was Menard and Noriega. Both should go but I think there’s a chance that Noriega hangs around, sort of like Sanjaya did last year.


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