Hey Bub…Back up!

Let me be the reason you back up your computer this week.

Turned on my main desktop last night…nothing. It had been only a year since my last crash when I had to buy a new hard drive. I lost everything last year. Now…I’ve lost it again.

Stupid me didn’t back up my main hard drive. On the “c” drive, I had my operating system, editing system software and some other files. I thought I had all of my pictures and music and video on a separate hard drive. Found out today, it was on a different hard drive all right, but the “d” drive was actually just a partition of my “c” drive.

After dropping a few hundred dollars on a new hard drive, labor and replacement RAM that somehow gave up the ghost too, I turned on my computer to find all of those pictures and about 700 songs were gone.

I’m in the process now of re-loading all of the software.

So back up Bub. You might thank me for it later.


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