No More “Bush Baby’s” Mr. Cowell

My wife noticed this during the first night of this season’s American Idol. Simon, Randy and Paula are being nicer to the contestants.

Last season’s early auditions seem to have been a lot more mean spirited than other seasons. I posted that the judges almost seemed like the group of “cool kids” in a high school cafeteria, poking fun and being mean to kids not in their “click” or “clique”.

Well it’s obvious someone at FOX or 19 Productions have gotten the word that some viewers didn’t like that attitude. Several times in nights 2 and 1, the judges warmed up to even the bad contestants. And several times I heard all of the judges use the word “nice”. “You’re a nice girl/guy”, or “I like you”. Even when they were giving them the heave-ho, Simon and Randy were being kind, not cruel.

Producers seem to be making an effort to keep things civil in the audition room. There’s been none of that hateful and hurtful gibes at the contestants who think, wrongly, that they can carry a tune. I haven’t seen the show take advantage of contestants who seem to be emotionally or mentally challenged.

Anybody else notice this? And if so, or if not, is the show as entertaining with kinder, gentler judges?

The premiere was Idol’s lowest rated in 4 years, but I doubt it’s because of the changes in attitudes. I think it’s because the families who’ve helped make this show such a big hit have turned off the television due to a lack of quality programming. Simply put, families didn’t see anything to watch over the last several months and have found other forms of entertainment. When Idol came back…they didn’t.

My 2-cents only.


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