If your gonna screw up my tv show….

at least get the annoying information right.

We’re watching an episode of COPS on the G4 network. We dvr’d this one because it’s in Memphis.

This is the first time I’ve watched the show on G4 so I didn’t know the bottom third scroll was going to stay on the screen through the entire program. This lower third is the most annoying thing I’ve seen on tv in quite some time. It has tabs for “trivia”, “expert”, “i-witness”, “chat” and “facts”.

The thing is…the folks at G4 don’t have their facts straight.

The first trivia question blocking a third of the show was: “where is Memphis located in the state of Tennessee?” and the choices were: a: northeast, b: northwest, c: southeast, and d: southwest.

the brainiacs at G4 told us the correct answer is C: southeast.


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