Is Anyone Still Watching Television?

We haven’t watched network television since last Sunday night’s “Amazing Race”. Every night this week, my wife and two kids and I have sat down at 7 with the remote and scrolled through the options. Each night, we settle on something old (“Sanford and Son” the other night), something Tivod (“House of Payne”, “Twilight Zone”) or something from our own DVD collection.

In fact, I cannot honestly think of the last network sitcom or drama that we’ve watched as a family. Tonight, we stopped the remote at VH1’s “Web Junk”. They’re running down the funniest clips of the past year and what is #25 but a segment from WMC, Newschannel 5.

Most of the folks in Memphis have probably already seen this, but the clip was news to me. In one newscast, Channel 5 had a news report that showed people how to break into a house by tapping a key in the doorknob lock.

VH1 showed Donna and Joe introducing the piece and then a brief part of the story. Of course, then VH1 had about a half-dozen comedians making fun of the story and the fact that a tv station would show people how to break into a house.

The story ranked close behind Miss Teen South Carolina and in front of “Leave Brittney Alone! guy crying in bed”.

The clip has had nearly 7 million hits.

Funny isn’t it. The best show on television this Friday night was actually a show about what you can see on the internet.



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2 responses to “Is Anyone Still Watching Television?

  1. Anonymous

    Glad we left Memphis area. Now we live in the middle of nowhere in L.A. Christy K.

  2. Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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