And so begins ’08

Yeah, it’s been a while since my last post. We ended ’07 the way I don’t want to end another year.

I thought it was just me. I’d never felt depressed around the holidays but I did this year going into Christmas week. It just never felt like Christmas to me. Maybe it was because I only went to one Christmas party. Maybe it was because our Christmas tree was put in our living room and we didn’t see it often enough. I didn’t listen to a lot of Christmas music, didn’t send out Christmas cards. I didn’t do any Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve.

Christmas eve, I didn’t even leave a “note from Santa” and the kids didn’t leave milk and cookies on the table. Whatever caused my lack of Christmas spirit I hope it doesn’t return next year.

Christmas Day night, Trey started complaining about a sore on his lower back. It was really his butt. A couple of days later it got worse. A trip to the doctor Friday revealed it to be another case of staph infection, probably MRSA. Doses of anti-biotics for him. Doses of some type of ointment in our noses for the rest of us. Ammonia cleaning for the house.

A follow-up appointment to the doctor today shows the anti-biotics are working and he seems to be fine now.

And then yesterday….Trey’s hamster that he got for Christmas didn’t wake up. We buried Nibbles in the backyard this morning. I know it was just a $10 hamster and the kids only had a week to get attached to it, but it was the first pet to pass away for us. Sad to see both of your kids get hurt that way.

But today is a new year. ’08. Geez, it seems like only yesterday we turned over from 1999. We’ve got a new hamster, a $15 ‘robo-hamster’ from Petco. I head back to work tomorrow to start my third year in Nashville.

Hard to believe it’s going this fast.



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4 responses to “And so begins ’08

  1. Anonymous

    The holiday depression must be a guy thing. I was the exact same way this Christmas…just never got in the mood and my wife thought I had gone crazy or something. She got the yard decorations out for me to put up and I put them back up in the garage and told her maybe next year that I just wasnt in the mood! Anyways I also hope next Christmas is better than this one was. I live in Odenville, AL (close to Springville and actually grew up in Springville) and have been reading your blogs for a few yrs now. I found it one day after doing a search for Springville and just have kinda kept reading it ever since. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!

  2. gavin richardson

    dang jamey, that is rough. for various reasons i only made a few advent services and was the cynic at my parents church for christmas eve service. then i was critical of the “birthday” my niece and nephews had on Christmas day… bahh-humbug

  3. GingerSnaps

    It’s been rough on a lot of people this year…I think the psychological climate of our country along with prices going up but salaries not…well, that put a damper on my holidays for sure…

    So, you’re not alone.

    Anyway, I pray that 2008 will be a great year for you and your family.

    God bless…

  4. Anonymous

    miss you guys!!! Christy Kent

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