The CMAs, Carrie The Eagles and Alison

How cool are the Country Music Awards? Maybe it’s because I’m such a country music fan but for my money, the CMA is the best of all the awards shows.

The Eagles are on stage now at the Sommet Center and I can’t help but wonder how many country music fans (like my dad) are thinking, ‘this is a pretty good band. too bad they had to wait all this time to get their big break.’

It’s good to see Timothy B Schmidt, Glenn Frey and Don Henley back together and making new music.

How about that Alison Krauss? I could listen to her voice all night. She doesn’t get the attention she deserves but she gets my vote every year for top female vocalist. Nobody sounds like her and nobody sings country music better than AK. Her performance of her new single “Simple Love” was perfection and the home video of her as a child with her mom and dad had me fighting back tears.

And Carrie Underwood…man that girl can flat out sing. She may become the greatest female singer of all time by the time she’s done.

I think what sets this awards show apart from all of the others is the sincerity of the performers. Country songs have always relied heavily on the lyrical content. And you won’t find in any genre of music more emotional and moving lyrics than what the songwriters in Nashville churn out for these artists.

Brooks and Dunn are on stage now continuing that with “God Must Be Busy”. Wow, I’ll bet there’s a lot of Christian artists in this town who wish they could get their hands on some of songs going to the country artists.


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  1. Chris Brown

    Brad Paisley is coming to Columbus December 1st. My wife and I CAN’T WAIT to go. That man can play a guitar!!!

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