"Kind of a Nice Break in the Day"

Coach made that comment to Sam when the bartender was talking about his black-outs while at Cheers.
I don’t suffer from blackouts but these migraine headaches are pretty close.

The aura started during Sunday School while we were going over prayer requests. Like most of them, it caused me to try to figure out where I was and what I was doing. Five minutes later, the headache started.

If you’ve never had a migraine, consider yourself very lucky or blessed. I had never experienced one until about 5 years ago, though my mom suffered from them quite often when I was growing up.

My migraines are sometimes painful and sometimes just gives me that ‘fuzzy’ feeling in my head. This weekend, the migraines are giving me both pain and an out-of-body feeling. We called them dizzy spells for a while but my kids thought we were saying ‘disney”. So daddy’s Disney spells are very familiar. They know when I start to feel one coming on, to give me some space, and maybe some time in a dark quiet room.

My doctor gave me a different prescription last week but it doesn’t seem help. My cardiologist also decided to move up my annual EKG a couple of months so I’ll head in there next week.

I’ve had CAT scans and MRIs which all come back fine so I don’t suspect these headaches to be anything more than an old fashioned migraine. It’ll go away in a day or so.


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