I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s debut of the reality/comedy show “Anchorwoman”.

I’m sure you’ve heard about this show about a network affiliate in Tyler, Texas that “hired” a fashion model as a reporter/anchor. The model, or star of the show, is a former “Barker Beauty” from “The Price is Right.”

The general manager hires her to increase ratings. The reporters and anchors at KYTX, of course, aren’t too pleased. From the promos I’ve seen, the “Anchorwoman” Lauren Jones goes out on stories with a crew “Are we gonna jump out of the car all ‘newsie’?” She asks.

Now I have assumed the station she goes to work for is a FOX affiliate, since the unscripted tv series airs on FOX. But the station where this all takes place is actually the CBS affiliate in Tyler.

So…that makes for a very interesting problem for the Tyler FOX general manager. Does he air the show that features one of his competitors? Hmmmm.

The station manager for KFXK, the Tyler FOX station hasn’t decided whether they’ll air the show. Now that’s a conundrum. He’d be guaranteed big prime-time ratings since just about every set in Tyler would be tuned in each week. But, then again, it might promote the competition’s newscast.

If FOX Tyler doesn’t air the show what happens? The CBS affiliate will pick it up.

So…what would you do if you sat behind the desk as the KFXK gm? Air a show that features your competitions anchors, reporters and newsroom? Or, decline to air the show and let the CBS affiliate air it to what I imagine will be Texas sized ratings?


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