This Band Has Whatever “It” is

I rarely hear new music that I like. Too much of what’s getting played on the radio these days, whether you’re talking country or pop or rock, sounds like it came from the same group of producers. But this is one band I can’t seem to hear enough of.

The Zac Brown Band caught my ear a couple of years ago on the Rick and Bubba Show. He (Zac Brown) and his band play a brand of music that I, a fan of Chesney, Buffett, Mellencamp want to hear more on the radio.

They’ve got a new album out which I just sampled at the Aware Store and it’s even better than their first album. In fact, some of the second album is re-makes of their first album. I also found a free podcast of a live concert on iTunes which I’ve burned to disc and enjoy over and over again. I’ve loaned, and then given my copy to a buddy at the tv station and he’s as hooked as I am.

Their playing this weekend at Auburn and Alabama and I hope my daughter who’s going through Rush at Bama drops by to hear them play.

So go over, give Zac Brown and his Band a listen. Check out “Whatever It Is” (one of my all-time favorite songs now) and “Toes” and “Chicken Fried”. “Where the Boat Leaves From” could have been a hit for Kenny Chesney or Buffett.

I’m a big fan and I hope you like ’em too.


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