Reality Shows Jump the Shark

I’ve had enough. Plenty enough of reality tv.

Survivor was good. Big Brother even held my interest for a couple of seasons. American Idol? Good tv. Heck, I’ve even watched Beauty and the Geek, Big Break 1, 2, 3, and 4. But now, reality television has put on the leather jacket and waterskiis.

The latest are the two almost identical shows: The Singing Bee and Don’t Forget the Lyrics. Horrible. And I’ll bet I’m one of only a handful of folks who sampled “National Bingo Night” earlier this summer.

Pull the plug already on reality shows. Please!

Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programs. Sitcoms and dramas and news magazine shows. Shoot, these reality shows make me pine for a good old fashioned comedy/variety show. If given the opportunity to watch another episode of “The Singing Bee” with that geek Joey Patone, or whatever his name is, I’d choose a rerun of “The Brady Kids” or “Donnie and Marie”.

Somebody please page the creators of Sha-na-na, Sonny and Cher or The Glen Campbell Show.

And don’t forget about the sitcoms. Who wouldn’t watch something like “Gomer Pyle USMC” about right now? Or Happy Days, MASH, or The Cosby Show?

Time for the tv cycle to turn to something besides reality programming. I never thought something on tv could be more mindless than Punky Brewster.

I was wrong.



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2 responses to “Reality Shows Jump the Shark

  1. John

    I actually enjoyed the Bingo thing, but I think there’s a difference between game shows and reality shows.

  2. jamey tucker

    You’re right. Reality and game shows are two different animals, but these days, at least to me, they seem to come from the same gene pool.

    I’m most disappointed in the karaoke shows (Singing Bee and Don’t Forget the Lyrics). It seems they could have come up with way to make them more interactive with viewers. We played along with Millionaire and Deal or No Deal, but something about how these shows keep us out of the mix.

    My personal recent favorite reality show is “On the Lot” on FOX. Independent movie directors competing for a shot at a Hollywood movie deal. That’s been good tv for me.

    But I’m really pulling for some of the sitcoms promised this fall. It’d be nice to see some original comedy back in primetime.

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