Seen any Famous People?

Since moving to Nashville a year or so ago, I get asked every now and then “See any famous people yet?”

I joked about it for awhile as the only “celebrity” I saw after a few months of living here was the actor who played “Juan Luis Pedro Philipo DeHuevos Epstein” on Welcome Back Carter. Robert Hegyes was the most unlikely celebrity I thought I would meet first but there he was on a story I was working on for tv.

But last week, I saw Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys at church. We’ve met several times so I stopped to speak for a minute. Yesterday walking out of Publix, I ran into Marty Stuart walking in. I said “Hey Marty” when he looked up like he thought he knew me so we talked a few minutes about our church. It was pretty funny after I walked back to the car. Cameron was waiting (she’s always had a thing for Marty’s hair) and was a bit jealous that I was the one who spoke to him. She said “what were ya’ll talking about”, and I told her we talked about our pastor who’s in the hospital and how he said they’d be praying for him. Then it dawned on me what else I said.

As I was about to walk away I said “good seeing you. Ya’ll doing all right?”. Just like I have heard my dad ask about a billion times to people he knows. “Ya’ll doing all right?”. As if Marty and I were old friends. It just seemed the natural thing to say for some reason. And yes, He and Connie are “doing fine”.

Pretty cool.

So in the past couple of weeks I’ve seen around town: Ricky Skaggs, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, Lorrie Morgan, Sammy Kershaw, Kreech Rainwater (the drummer for Lonestar) and Jeff Jarrett, the wrestler and Mandisa from American Idol, Teddy Gentry from Alabama, We’ve also been inside the home of William Lee Golden and though I haven’t seen him yet, one of the Kentucky Headhunters lives on the street behind us.

I can’t help but think that’s pretty cool.


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  1. Scott

    My first “famous person” encounter after moving to Nashville occurred when I bagged groceries at H.G. Hill’s. Conway Twitty was one of my customers (this was in 1993), and I carried out his one sack and put it in the trunk of his pearl white Jaguar. He gave me a $1 tip.

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