The News from Huntsville

I moved from Huntsville ten years ago next month. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been that long. And quite frankly, if I knew now what I didn’t know then…I would have stayed.

That said, I still keep up with the news from Rocket City and found this interesting. WAAY, the ABC affiliate in Huntsville has hired a new news anchor. His name is Michael Scott.

No…not the guy from “The Office”, but still, I bet you’ve seen him before.

yup…the Lizard Man.

I’ve laughed as hard at this clip as any other tv news blooper. You’ve got to hand it to Scott, he laughed it off and kept going. I think he’s probably a pretty good guy judging from how he handled the thing. Don’t know what I’d have done.

Also, Gary Dobbs is returning to Channel 31. At least that’s the rumor but they’ve scheduled a news conference for tomorrow to make an announcement about a new position or employee.

And that’s not all. My old friend Keith Lowhorne is on board at WAAY as assignment editor.

Things are looking up at 31, waay up in fact. The new website looks terrific and another former co-worker tells me their new look which debuted tonight or last week is a step in the right direction.

Good for them. There’s a lot of really good folks up on that mountain and I’d like to see them become competitive again.

That station was tops when I first came to town in 1992. They had managed to stay on the air during the horrible tornado in 1989 and was putting out a darned good news product. I remember wondering how any station could ever take their spot in the hearts of Valley viewers. But they slid as 19 started to rise. 31 was #2 for awhile when 19 took the lead. Today, 48 leads every newscast with 19 second and 31 picking up the rear.

Good luck guys.


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