A Sad Day in Huntsville

They’re tearing down “Aunt Eunice’s”.

I know there are some former Huntsvillians who visit this dumb little blogsquat, and I know they’ll be as saddened as I am over the news that one of the city’s landmarks is about to come down.

Aunt Eunice’s was the best little breakfast spot in town. Aunt Eunice Merrill cooked up the best darned biscuits, red-eye gravy, sausage and eggs this side of heaven. And along with the vittles, she was always quick with a “hug your neck” too.

During my days of hosting the Easter Seals Telethon, Aunt Eunice would always send along several big bags of biscuits and sausage. And usually about once a week, I’d find my way over to her tables for a hug and food after doing the morning show.

Aunt Eunice passed away in 2004 and the folks who bought the property have gotten permission to tear the building down and put up, (heaven help us all) a Dollar Store.

Lord, Lord, Lord.

I found this online a few minutes ago. It’s a 360-degree look at the restaurant and the famous “Liar’s Table” where everyone from politicians to preachers to tv anchors would sit and have their coffee.

By the way, that tv person voice you’ll hear is Dick Curtis, one of the best story-tellers I’ve ever worked with.

Click on the photo to see the picture.


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