Too Unselfish to be Mine

My little girl turns 8 next month. While talking to her about where she wants to have her party, what theme she’d like to decorate with and who’ll be on her invitation list, she hit me with this:

“I don’t want anybody to give me a present. I want them to bring presents for the animals at the humane society.”

She’s been saying that for months but now that it’s time to send out the invitations, I figured her eyes would have shifted attention to the latest Bratz girl, High School Musical dvd or Hannah Montana swag. Uh-uh.

“Now…are you sure you don’t want any presents from your guests?”
“I’m sure. I want them to bring toys for the dogs.”

Funny isn’t it? Our other two children look toward birthdays as the time to get. Shoot…I always did too.

But something about this youngest one…

makes me proud.


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One response to “Too Unselfish to be Mine

  1. Southern Girl

    What a sweetheart! I hope the doggies (and kitties) get lots of presents on her behalf — and that she does, too.

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