A Bit More

Heard from one former employee that he was told the general managers were given the task of making a list of recommendations for the layoffs/firings. From what they’ve figured out, it was somewhere around 10% of the staff. Maybe 10% of salary?

Anyway, that was the order given before the sale was to be complete and it was carried out the last day of business. A bit unusual for the NYT to fire employees on a Friday. When I was there, an employee overheard a former gm explain that the Times didn’t fire people on a Friday.

She was going to be let go and heard about it early. Called in sick to work on that Thursday and was never told anything on Friday. Come Monday, she got her walking papers.

Monday should be an interesting day at all of those stations as the new owners are expected to be in the offices. Wonder if there’ll be any staff meetings on the first day?

Maybe someone will post a comment.


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  1. Anonymous

    will more people be let go on monday? i bet the mood will be tense in the newsroom monday morning

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