Trying to Forget

I’ll spend the next couple of hours trying to forget what I’ve just seen.
“United 93” was on HBO HD a couple of weeks ago. I DVRd and watched it tonight.

Two words: Gut wrenching.

Like most people who were glued to the tv set that morning of September 11th, 2001, I’ve somehow managed to put a lot of that behind me. Sure, the horros of that morning reappear every year on that date, but mostly…I’ve moved on.

But this movie brought it all back. Just as clear as it was that day and the days immediately following it. I thought of what it must have been like for the people on those planes. Surely, even as passengers and flight attendants were benig stabbed and killed, the plane would eventually land safely. Nobody, not even the hijackers wanted to die. Do they?

Few people knew much about Islam then. Few outside that faith had heard that followers were willing to die for the cause. Not just willing, but blessed to give their lives for Allah.

Watching the actors portraying the passengers phoning their loved ones once they knew what was planned was the toughest for me. They were doomed and in their last moments called spouses, parents and children to say goodbye. “Give the phone to your brother now” some said.

I sobbed watching this movie like I did as a 5th grader watching “Brian’s Song”. I never want to see this movie again. But one of these days, I’ll probably need to. You might too.


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  1. Elizabeth

    United 93 recorded on my Tivo this week and I sat down to watch it today. I got 40 minutes into it (1st plane had just hit WTC) and had to switch it off. It just made me really nervous. I know the ending. It’s no mystery what happens. But the thought of watching it unfold was very unsettling for me. I will probably go back to it, but I’m sure the fidgeting will continue.

    I was watching from the comfort of my living room and I had no direct connection to anyone who was killed in the terror attacks.

    I can only imagine how people with real connections to this tragedy must have felt watching this movie – if they were able to, that is.

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