Baby, If You’ve Ever Wondered

First the good news. “WKRP in Cincinnati” comes to DVD Tuesday. The bad news: the music in the show doesn’t make it.

Because of music license fees, the original tunes from the show have been replaced by generic songs. These are most likely the tunes we heard when the show aired on Nick at Night several years ago.

Pretty disappointing but I’ll probably be one of the first in line at Circuit City to pick up the 3 disc set that includes all 22 episodes from Season one. That’s the season that includes the turkey episode and the one where Venus and Johnny participate in an on-air drinking contest, I mean, public service announcement.

Now if they’d only release the Wonder Years on DVD. Speaking of which, the episodes now airing on Ion do have the original music soundtrack. I’ve got about a dozen recorded on my DVR and need to hook up a VCR to save them forever.


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One response to “Baby, If You’ve Ever Wondered

  1. Marc

    As long as they have the Thanksgiving episode, I’m buying it….

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