We’ve been knocking on a lot of wood these past few months. The flu has been going around but we haven’t gotten it. School’s been cancelled because 100 or so kids were home sick. We haven’t gotten it.

Stomach viruses. Sinus infections. The peanut butter sickness. We haven’t gotten any of it. Until maybe now.

Trey ran a fever for most of the day. A Saturday visit to the pediatrician found a sinus infection and a stomach virus. Still, he isn’t quite as sick as other kids have been in the neighborhood. His fever just hovered around 100 and there’s been no real stomach problems. I had a migraine all day today too but it wasn’t as bad as others have been.

Trey’s getting antibiotics and we’ll stay home again tomorrow hoping to pull the plug on the sinus infection and headaches.

I’ve come to believe that at least part of the reason we’ve stayed healthy is that we keep the house cool. Cameron says we keep it cold. The thermostat stays set on 67 in the winter and the new thermostats I installed turn the temp down to 61 after we go to bed. Maybe the germs don’t live in our house with the cold temperatures. Who know?

So far, we’ve been lucky. Hopefully, as the temperatures change we’ll fight off whatever comes around.


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