Quesadillas with the Stars

It is kinda cool to be living in Nashville. Tonight we all went out for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, a place we generally go about once a month. Just before we sat down I saw a familiar face but couldn’t immediately figure where I knew her from. I didn’t intend to stare, but I’m sure Cameron noticed I kept glancing at this girl at another table.

Then it hit me: “That’s Lorrie Morgan”. Not a split second later there was Sammy Kershaw. A few minutes later Sammy got up from the table, saw that I had recognized him, smiled and said “hey”.

I couldn’t figure if anyone else in the restaurant (it’s always pretty busy) didn’t recognize them or were just being “Nashville polite”. I suppose it was the latter since most country music folks would know either one of these two. I interviewed Sammy when he was at the top of the charts, real nice guy, at least he was to me.

I said “hey, how you doing?” like I knew him but didn’t say anything else.

So I can add Kershaw and Morgan to the list of celebs I’ve run into. A few weeks ago the kids and I were shopping at Wal-Mart and saw Keech Rainwater, the drummer for LoneStar (he’s been on Wheel of Fortune in the past couple of weeks for you non-country music fans). And we’ve run into Ricky Skaggs and a couple of the Oak Ridge Boys at church.

Cameron asked me though if these singers mind it too much if someone does come up and say hi or if doing that kind of thing is frowned upon in Nashville. I’ve been told that Nashvillians don’t do it to make the celebrities feel they can go anywhere they want to go without getting “fanned”. I suppose that’s the norm.

Heaven help me if we ever see Carrie Underwood eating a chalupa.



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2 responses to “Quesadillas with the Stars

  1. Weaver

    At at the Pancake Pantry when I was there…no celebs though. (food was great!)

    sidebar- my dad drove a tourbus for ORB back in the 60s before they were highly popular and not with all of the current Boys.

  2. Scott

    I’m not sure that this is one of the things I miss about Nashville. But I do miss seeing Vince Gill yell at the refs at Belmont basketball games. 🙂

    And while I am working on stream of consciousness, I will miss not being in Nashville this coming week when Belmont plays in the NCAA tourney.

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