Average Day from a TV Shooter

Woh…two posts from me tonight. But one of my favorite bloggers, tvphotogblog has put together a nifty little video from one rather ordinary day as a television videographer/journalist.

Fun stuff for us tv folks, and the soundtrack kicks.



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5 responses to “Average Day from a TV Shooter

  1. Anonymous

    Jamey, might I suggest you check out the spectacular writing of http://www.lenslinger.com ?

    Todd in Memphis

  2. Weaver

    Thanks for the shout out Jamey!

    I haven’t commented much but I’m still lurking around here every few days.

    I’ll be in Nashville next Friday-Sunday for the Emmys. Maybe I’ll see you in town!


    aka – TVPhotogBlog

  3. Weaver

    Oh Yeah, that was my favorite song on the Daughtry album, especially since I was in the studio with him when he was cutting some of the tracks!

    That song does kick.

  4. jamey tucker

    shoot me an e-mail and let me know when you’re going to be free next weekend. maybe we can grab a coffee.
    by the way folks, tvphotogblog shot the video with one of those new $100 cams you can get from Target. I gotta get one.
    and lenslinger is also one of daily reads. Great writer.

  5. Weaver

    Jamey, I sent an email to your midsouth.rr adrees and your raindog address that I had in my computer. I’ll be in town Friday afternoon.

    Chris Weaver

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