Another Bowden in Alabama?

I can’t find this anywhere online, but the FOX affiliate here in Nashville reported tonight that the University of Alabama interviewed Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden for its vacant hc office.

Well, if you can’t get daddy.

Of course most Alabama fans know that Bobby Bowden wanted the job years ago but didn’t get it. Now, he’s going to finish his career at Florida State. Terry Bowden won his first 21 games as Auburn’s head coach but then tanked before resigning (got fired) in mid-season and now works part-time with ABC. Tommy was the wide receiver’s coach at Auburn and a darned good one at that. I remember he coached the receivers to drag their back foot when making a catch near the sidelines. It helped win two games against Florida during the unbeaten streak.

Folks back then were saying that Tommy was the better coach of the Bowden boys but he hasn’t done a whole lot at Clemson and nearly lost his job there a couple of years ago. This will probably hit the Alabama papers tomorrow. Saban, according some reports, is still in the picture despite his denial, but if that were really the case, I wonder if bama would be interviewing Bowden.



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2 responses to “Another Bowden in Alabama?

  1. Anonymous

    I’m still surprised that no one has hired Terry. He went undefeated his first season. Even if that was something of a fluke, I would have thought that someone would have taken a chance, if nothing else than for the Bowden name.

    Of course, he may have no interest in coaching either…and I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t.

  2. jamey tucker

    Their must be some knock on Terry that school presidents and athletic directors know about. I know he couldn’t recruit. Sure he got the kids he wanted, but he didn’t seem to know how to evaluate talent. The star running back he recruited at Auburn was about 5’1 175 pounds. My teenage daughter could have knocked him down!
    He also passed on Jamal Lewis “because he had a weak handshake”. Tennessee was glad he did.
    I always like Bowden. Very media friendly and upbeat and would tell you what he thought. But something wasn’t good there. Otherwise, somebody would have offered a coach, who started with 21 straight wins, a job.

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