It’s been slightly more than a year since I returned a call from WKRN to accept a job in Nashville as a video journalist. I went back and forth on the decision actually, wondering if I really wanted to pick up my family and move them halfway across the state.

I look back on it now and find it was really a no-brainer.

This year in Memphis, handgun permits are expected to hit 8,000. Back when I first came to town only around 3,000 carried guns legally. Crime has gotten so bad in Memphis even preachers are packing heat.

The Commercial Appeal covered this trend in Sunday’s paper. Frightening doesn’t say enough. They interviewed a 52 year old woman, sounded as if it was just one of those random man on the street interviews. “I had a gun pulled on me”, she told the paper. She was working in a neighbor’s yard at 12:30 one afternoon when two guys walked up to her and demanded money.

The city police chief was asked about the increase in gun permits, he said “I’m all for an armed populace.” He’s in the right place then.


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