A Few Bad Apples

Yesterday was a big day in Alabama. The annual Iron Bowl game between the Tigers and Tide has always been a day filled with passion, frustration, exhilaration and anger.

Sidewalks and shopping malls are nearly vacant as everyone in the state crowds around television sets and radios to see which team comes out on top. I believe, this game is the only one to ever fill three stadiums. In 1993 when tv probation kept the game off television, closed circuit feeds were available at Bryant-Denny Stadium and Auburn’s basketball coliseum. Jordan-Hare Stadium was also completely full (and then some).

Auburn won its fifth straight this weekend. I’m an Auburn fan, my wife cheers for the Tide. I’ve learned to keep my cheers to a minimum since I need a place to sleep, win or lose.

But what happened in Tuscaloosa Saturday after the game was a shame. Auburn cornerback David Irons was hit in the face by a water bottle thrown from Alabama’s student section. The Mobile Press Register reports that Tiger Coach Tommy Tuberville also had to dodge debris being thrown from the student section.

Obscenities were hurled at the Tiger players too.

Coach Tuberville told reporters:
“There’s no place for that,” he said. “I know that’s not the true Alabama folks. That’s a situation that should have never happened. It doesn’t just happen here — it could happen at our place. We’ve got people that don’t use their sense, too. I’m not pointing any fingers. It’s unfortunate something like that would happen.”

Whether it’s from football fans, Republicans, Democrats, pro-abortion folks or pro-life folks; whether we’re talking about religion or politics, it’s easy for us to label people based on the actions of a few. Most often, those actions aren’t representative of the entire group. But a few bad apples, spoils the reputation of the bunch.


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  1. Southern Girl

    I did some doctoral work at Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and unfortunately, from what I’ve seen that IS U of A behavior. Miserable place to be. :-/

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