New Owners? And a Get Well Soon

The curtain is being pulled back a bit for a few prospective owners of the New York Times Broadcast Division stations. I hear over the past few days some men and women in nice suits have been given the tour around the station “down on the river”.

One group looked more like the welcoming committee for an Ole Miss fraternity than some higher ups with a broadcast company. “Young. Real young”. Says one future former NYT employee.

From the grapevine, the folks are hearing three stations are among the likely suspects lining up to take a look. Gray Television, LIN TV Corp, and Gannett.

LIN owns stations in Indianapolis, Columbus, OH, Austin, TX, Mobile, AL, and Terre Haute, among others. Gray owns some smaller stations. Knoxville, Dothan, Alabama. Gannett owns USA Today, and tv stations in Washington, Atlanta, Denver, Cleveland and other major markets.

Joe’s keeping closer tabs on the tire kicking than I am, but I hope things work out for the best over there. Lots of good people are holding their breath, waiting to see who’ll sign their checks.

And Dennis Turner is recovering from a tough bout with pneumonia. I hear he spent some time in intensive care but is out of the hospital. I’ve had it before Dennis and I’ve never felt closer to death’s door. When you’re able to breath, it hurts. Get well fast buddy. Glad you were in such good health before it knocked the air out of you.


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