Newsroom a No Cuss Zone?

So a television station has decided to ban cussing in the newsroom.

Maybe they can start checking out books and periodicals for the local library since it’ll now have the atmosphere. What does a tv newsroom sound like when nobody swears?

I guess they’ll be able to hear the scanner traffic better now.

Here’s the story, WCVB in Boston (thank goodness it’s not in the south) banned swearing in the newsroom after a producer shouting the ‘f-word’ was broadcast during a newscast last week.

They were recording a breaking news voice-over and while the anchors were tracking the script, a producer nearby used the f-bomb. Apparently nobody noticed and the taped voice-over went to production which added the video and then sent to the rack for the newscast.

A station manager says they didn’t get any complaints, but somebody apparently noticed. So now, it’ll be all manners in the newsroom at WCVB.


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