News from the Church of Buffett

Jimmy’s got a new cd out Tuesday. I sort of feel like Arlo this week but won’t call in sick. My old acquaintance, Jimmy Johnson (an Auburn alum) is a big fan like me and sums up my feelings quite well in that cartoon panel.

Buffett’s new album is his first of all-new music since “Far Side of the World” back in 2002. I’ve heard the first cut, “Bama Breeze” on Jimmy’s website and the video is as cool as the song. Don’t look for it on iTunes since Buffett, like Bob Seger, doesn’t market his stuff there.

But Jimmy ran into a little problem in Toulon, France last week. According to his website, customs agents ordered Buffett to open his bags as they searched. They found a little bag of pills which Jimmy says were just vitamins and prescription meds. They grabbed a bottle of Foltx, which is a vitamin B supplement, and since the pills had little hearts on them, they shouted “Ecstasy”. Jimmy says he doesn’t do anything harder than beer, wine and boat drinks these days.

I haven’t seen this anywhere other than Jimmy’s website. I imagine it’ll hit the papers this week when the new album hits the shelves.


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