My New Favorite TV Show

It takes a lot to get me in front of the tv week after week to follow some serial. “CSI”? Not anymore. “Law & Order”, not what I ordered. “Lost”, can’t find the time.

But the new show on NBC, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has become appointment television for me. Its one of the smartest, funniest and hippest shows I’ve seen in quite some time on one of the three major networks.

I especially like, and I’ve mentioned it here before, that there’s an evangelical Christian character on the show who is quite normal. In this week’s episode, she convinced the writers and the other characters that a joke about a small town school that put the kabash on a school play because of it’s anti-Christian content shouldn’t make it on their show, despite the fact it got one of the biggest laughs.

“This is a small town of about 400 people who work at an underwear plant and make about $18,000 a year, about what I’ll be paid for this show tonight. I don’t think we should make fun of them because they are doing just what they think they should to raise their children the best way they know how.”

Woh and wow. Imagine a tv character who plays a funny person on another show with a conscience. Talk about taking a chance.

Tonight, Rob Reiner had a cameo as the guest host of the ‘show-within-a-show’ and I only hope it’s the first of many for some of the Hollywood types we don’t see very often.

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, don’t feel like you can’t catch up. There are two writers hired to rescue a SNL type show that airs on the NBS network on Friday nights. Bradley Whitford of “The West Wing” plays one, Matthew Perry plays the other. Amanda Peet is the very likeable network entertainment honcho and Sarah Paulson plays the star of the comedy show who also happens to be a Christian.

I DVR this show every Monday night.



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4 responses to “My New Favorite TV Show

  1. mike

    I am a fan as well. Great writing, adult plot lines and as you mentioned wonderful characters. Should be more shows like this.

  2. Scott

    This week’s episode was the third one of the season…did you know that Rob Reiner was the guest host for the third episode of Saturday Night Live, back in ’75?

  3. jamey tucker

    nooooo way! That is one cool piece of trivia Scott.

    That alone is an indication of what makes this show a cut above the rest. Sadly though the numbers haven’t been good for Studio 60.

  4. mike

    Sorry, can’t be bothered. Sorkin blew whatever credibility and lustre he might have earned via the great “Sports Night” when he came up with “West Wing.” Bleh.

    Have you watched any of “Battlestar Galactica?” Don’t let the SF name and premise throw you. It’s entirely a show about people in extremis. Tonight’s 3rd season, 2-hour opener was amazing. They took everything that’s been in the news of late with war, terrorism, insurgency, suicide bombing, hostages, brain-washing, sympathisers and collaborators, invasions and occupations, and then turned it all on its head to really make you look at your assumptions anew. There’s no question who the good guys and bad guys are, but sometimes you’re almost convinced you’ve got it wrong. Incredibly timely and thought-provoking stuff.

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