NBC and "Those Crazy Christians"

It seems that somebody at NBC is trying to either get the attention of Christian viewers…or just wants to tick them off.

Consider this:

The network is mulling over whether to allow Madonna’s ‘crucifixion’ stunt in her primetime special in November.

Last February the network aired “The Book of Daniel” which portrayed a drug addicted priest and his disfunctional family and staff members. The show was pulled after tens of thousands (millions maybe?) complained to the sponsors.

The new show “Studio 60” includes a character on a Saturday Night Live type show who is an evangelical Christian who tells fellow cast members “I’ll pray for you tonight”, and then prays before a show, says “Damn”, drinks what appears to be an adult beverage, and who is not put off by a sketch called “Those Crazy Christians” and who also is part of a musical sketch that includes the phrase “a reach around”.

And finally, NBC picked up the Christian cartoon “Veggie Tales” and added it to the Saturday morning lineup, but only after it forces the creator to drop all of the “God stuff”.

Hmmmmm. What is the deal here?


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