What’s In a Name?

A new segment on WKRN was unveiled a few weeks ago. The chose the reporter, they chose the name of the segment and then went to work. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback on the segment including someone who owns the name the station picked for the segment.

So now, Andy’s segment “I’m Ticked Off” is now called “That’s Messed Up”.

I’m not privy to any of the details on who owns the name or what happened but it does remind me of another station where I worked that ran into the same problem.

As I remember it The station on the river re-branded its weather segments with a new name, new graphics and new set. We were on the air with the new name (I really don’t remember what it was) something like “News 3 Weather Center”. A few weeks later, in a huff, the managers were trying to come up with a new name.

It seems the folks down on Union Avenue decided to have a little fun. They filed for a copyright on the name for a couple hundred dollars. So for just a couple of c-notes or so, WMC had a great big laugh seeing TSOTR have to scramble to pull all of the graphics and weather set down and come up with something new.

The real kicker here is that WMC never used the name, or at least I don’t believe they used it. I doubt they ever even intended to use it, they just saw an easy way to screw with the competition.

Now if I’m wrong I’m sure someone will correct me on this but that was the story I always heard, and it was never told by my bosses with an “aw shucks, they got us that time” grin.

I thought we ought to rename the weather team “We Can Talk Up A Storm”, but they didn’t like it.


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  1. Anonymous

    I believe WMC trademarked “Storm team”.

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