The New Season

I tried to get caught up on some shows from the new network seasons. NBC slipped “My Name is Earl” to the 7 o’clock hour so I totally missed it. “The Office” was good but I don’t think I’m going to like the direction they’re taking this year.

Jim is in a new office and they keep switching back and forth to the point it felt like watching two different versions. And is it just me or are they writing Michael to be even stupider than before? I still favor the British original. The beauty of this show has always been to make the boss look socially inept and a bad manager, but it seems as though they want to make him look retarded now. Tonight, Michael seemed to be leaning toward the character Steve Carell played in “Anchorman” rather than just the idiot boss he’s always been.

I did watch “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and I think I’m going to really enjoy this show. It’s kind of a peek behind the curtain look at a Saturday Night Live type network show. The intriguing thing for me is the character of Harriet, the most talented cast member of the show-within-a-show. She plays a born-again Christian who once sang inspirational songs on “The 700 Club” and who tells a troubled co-worker “I’ll pray for you tonight”.

When was the last time we saw a born-again Christian being portrayed on a network tv show? And how will the network writers treat her character this season? Do they know anything about born-again Christians other than what they’ve seen from Pat Robertson?

Just last weekend at the screenwriters workshop, the speakers talked of how most writers, producers, directors and actors are ignorant of people with real faith. Christians are just a cliche for those in the business.

And this is the network who brought us “The Book of Daniel” about a priest with an addiction to prescription medications and a gay son and a lesbian receptionist who runs away with the choir director (or something like that). It’s also the network that is debating whether to allow Madonna to do her whole “look at me on a cross like Jesus” act in November.


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  1. Scott

    I have seen the first two episodes of Studio 60…I think the jury is still out on their representation of Evangelicals.

    Did I miss it, or did we not find out if the sketch “Crazy Christians” actually aired or not? We were told that there were protestors in front of the theater.

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