Blogger Meetup

I wish I had remembered this. WKRN hosted a blogger meet-up today and some big names were there: Michael Rosenblum, the father of the VJ revolution along with Steve Safran of Lost Remote.

According to Lost Remote, there were about 30 local bloggers in attendance including Brittney Gilbert, News 2’s full-time blog host and producer.

I met Michael Rosenblum Friday when he came back to News 2 for a follow-up VJ training session and pep rally. My first impression: One of the most entertaining speakers I’ve ever heard.

I’ve been a believer of the VJ revolution since I first heard about it more than a year ago. I won’t pretend that I’m a true VJ in Rosenblum’s definition. My reporting style has a long long way to go before I’m there. Of course, this was my first real introduction into what this new form of journalism is all about. Rosenblum’s first and second VJ training sessions at 2 were held before I arrived.

But after hearing from him, I realize I’ve got a challenge on my hands. For the past 8 months I’ve been a one-man-band, not a real VJ. My interviews are almost always shot from a tripod. I almost always have two or three sides represented in the story.

My religion stories look the same as they did when I first started reporting for WOWL in Florence. That’s fine, for traditional tv broadcasting, but is not at all what WKRN is doing.

Michael told me to forget about standups. Forget about getting both sides to every story. “Make a movie” he preaches.

That’s got me re-thinking my piece that runs tomorrow night. It is on the impact of 9/11 on faith and spirituality in America. Great subject and the content is good, but I’m afraid it isn’t compelling visually.

I’ve been challenged. It would be easier to just keep finding the stories, interviewing the people and then telling the stories. I want continue doing that, but putting the stories together the way Rosenblum suggests.


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