A Year? Already?

Not to skip past the Katrina anniversary, but it dawned on me today while watching CNN coverage, that it was a year ago today when I first started talking with WKRN about becoming their religion vj.

I remember because I was supposed to be in Nashville for an interview the day Katrina came ashore. I postponed it due to how busy I anticipated the newsroom and news director to be that day.

As I remember it, I first told him maybe I would be interested in joining News 2, then told him no thanks. Then a few weeks went by and he asked again and I said…maybe. After the visit to Nashville, I turned them down.
Not because I wasn’t interested or intrigued at jumping back into tv, but because I was quite happy working for myself.

I was always home when the kids got out of school. I didn’t work holidays but did work a few weekends here and there. I set my own schedule. Worked from my home office. Ate lunch with friends. Went to the gym when I wanted. Watched NASCAR qualifying on Fridays and golf on Thursdays and Fridays.

But it was on a road trip to Pittsburgh shooting a documentary that is still to be finished, when something told me to take the job. I called Steve from the hotel and he hadn’t filled the position. A day or two later, I accepted.

We laughed today at how fast the past year has flown by. He asked me if I’m still glad I took it. You bet I am.

By the way, did anyone see and hear the gaffe on CNN? Seems the anchor left her microphone on when she went to the bathroom. The audio operator apparently didn’t notice and let it go out over the air for nearly a minute. Watch the clip, and listen for the zip.


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  1. mike

    It just doesn’t seem possible that its been a year. Time does fly when you are having fun!

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