Bruno Kirby RIP

I was all set to post tonight on 1989, the year I think gave us the best collection of big screen movies. There was “Batman”, “Field of Dreams”, “Parenthood” and my favorite “When Harry Met Sally.”

Then I heard that Bruno Kirby who played Jess in “Harry” passed away yesterday at the age of 57. He had leukemia and had only recently been diagnosed.

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Kirby played memorable roles in several movies that, although may not be among the best films of all time, certainly entertained audiences for years. He was in “Spinal Tap”, “Good Morning Vietnam”, “City Slickers” and of course, “When Harry Met Sally.”

Kirby was one of those character actors. Not the leading man type, he managed to be the every man type. His role in “WHMS” was typical of his career in Hollywood. The straight man who first got the girl, but not THE GIRL.

I’ve been nuts about the movie since I first saw it in the theatre the day it was released in spring of ’89. I ran out and bought the cd. Then, I purchased a script used on the set along with two original movie posters (one which wasn’t released in America but only in Canada because here it was seen as slightly provocative).

I’m saddened by Kirby’s death. Not so much because I won’t see him in future films, but because an important part of that film has passed away.



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3 responses to “Bruno Kirby RIP

  1. Kleinheider

    Kirby played memorable roles in several movies that, although may not be among the best films of all time

    He was also in one movie that people do consider among (if not “the”) best of all time: The Godfather Part II.

    He played Young Clemenza.

  2. jamey tucker

    Thanks A.C.
    How could I have forgotten that one?

    Great line from Serendipity in fact, from John Cuzack:

    “Remember The Godfather, Part Two? Great movie, maybe even better than the original”.

    Nope, it is better than the original. Thanks for the add.

  3. mike

    Jamey: You might have forgotten it because he only spoke Italian in the movie and gained sixty pounds for the part. I loved him in Good Morning Vietnam. As a ‘Nam’ vet I can tell you he had that part nailed.

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