Never Thought I’d Be Saying This:

“Let me go cover it by myself”.

But that’s exactly what I found myself suggesting to our assistant news director today.

Thursday, “Faith Night”, the popular sports marketing event that’s already made the rounds of minor league baseball, hockey and arena football makes it’s debut in a major league park.

“Faith Night” started in Nashville with the Sounds and the guy who dreamed it up, started his own business offering turnkey “Faith Nights” to other teams. It’s been a big year already for “Third Coast Sports” with front page stories in the NYT and USA Today.

But Thursday…well that’s just the biggest coup of them all. I lobbied to cover the event and deliver a early live shot and 10 o’clock package. “We’ll need to send you with a photographer” they said.

Now, a few years ago I would have probably said “duh…if you want me to cover it you’ll send another photographer”. But after nearly 7 months of being a solo vj, I told them I’d prefer to work alone.

The words were still in the air like a comic book balloon phrase when I caught myself. “I can’t believe I just said that”, I told him.

But it’s true. I like working alone. I like shooting the piece, writing it and editing it myself. I like the freedom. I sort of like the other stations looking at me and thinking “poor guy”. I also like to think when they see the story on the air they realize their two-man crew story wasn’t any better than my one-man band. I said, I like to “think” that’s what they say.

But Thursday may actually be more than one person can handle. There’ll be a live shot in an early show and then the drive to a sister station, edit there and feed back to Nashville and then there’s the 4-hour drive.

But in a way, I’d like to do it solo just to prove I could.



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2 responses to “Never Thought I’d Be Saying This:

  1. Kerry Woo

    Want to cover Promise Keepers in Atlanta this weekend? Contact me offline –

  2. Anonymous

    Jamey, Can I have your email address?

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