Don’t Say that!

I heard about the stabbings at the supermarket in Cordova and started looking online at the local coverage from the Memphis tv stations.

WMC didn’t have much online when I checked early afternoon, but the station on the river had clipped 5-6 minutes of the coverage during the noon show.

The morning anchor started the “breaking news” coverage with:
“Seven people at a Schnucks supermarket in Cordova were allegedly stabbed by another employee”.

Oohh….a sharp pain in my ears. You would think producers and anchors in the 40th or 39th market know how to use the word ‘allegedly’. Surely they are as smart as their viewers to know you can’t be “allegedly stabbed”. You’re either stabbed or your not, and judging by the police cars and ambulances and emergency personnel on the scene, these unfortunate victims were indeed stabbed.

Anchors should know better. They should also do more than just read the copy on the teleprompter.

To see the clip from the noon show, go to and click on “schnucks stabbing team 3 coverage”



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13 responses to “Don’t Say that!

  1. Anonymous

    At least the station on the river had the story and the correct facts up quickly, allegedly or not.

  2. jamey

    true, Brian did a great job in the field and the coverage was better than what I found online anywhere else.
    They allegedly had the facts right.

    see how that watered down the story?

  3. jamey

    I also meant to add that all wmc had on the web by early afternoon was 26 seconds of silent footage of the parking lot from the helicopter.

  4. Anonymous

    But the true facts still remain – – WREG allegedly used the word allegedly wrong.

  5. Anonymous

    “You would think producers and anchors in the 40th or 39th market know…You’re either stabbed or your not…”

    Although I agree the anchor said it incorrectly, you would also think reporters would know the correct usage and spelling of “you’re” and “your,” mistakes happen.

  6. bishop


    Maybe I’m wrong but does it really matter? The issue is someone was stabbed? That’s the main point. They were the only station with the first accurate information. It just seems that when WREG does something worng, you really beat them up for it. When another station makes a mistake, I never hear you mention it. If I’m wrong, please forgive me in advance.

  7. jamey tucker

    anonymous: got me. touche’

    Bishop: I’m sorry if it seems that way. I don’t hold a grudge to the reporters, producers and anchors at reg. I just absolutely hate the word allegedly when it isn’t use correctly. When I logged on to the coverage of the stabbing, it was like nails on a chalkboard.
    Also, since I’m away from Memphis, I don’t watch what anyone is doing on tv except on the very rare occasion such as last week. And as I said, WMC let online viewers down with only a few seconds of chopper footage of the crime scene.

  8. ragamuffinwriter

    I don’t know. I guess it could be okay, even safe, to say “allegedly” at that point.

    I was watching the story pretty closely throughout the morning. The facts were sketchy most of the day, and I don’t think any reporter could definitively say what had happened. So “allegedly” was a good cover, especially if it turned out that the employees were bludgeoned or shot with a crossbow or hit with a hammer claw.

    We need look no further than the Logan Young fiasco. Even the MPD got it terribly wrong.

    Maybe we should say “allegedly” until the County Medical Examiner issues the official report.

  9. jamey tucker

    There is an appropriate way to use the word allegedly. For instance, in the story last week, if you wanted to cover your bases (or your tail), you might script it to read “Seven employees at the Schnucks supermarket in Cordova were stabbed, allegedly by a co-worker.”
    The way it was written, and read last week was “7 employees were allegedly stabbed”, meaning they may have been stabbed, but then again they may not have been stabbed.”

    These individuals were not allegedly stabbed, they were stabbed, allegedly by a co-worker.

    That lazy writing and reading just makes my skin craw.

  10. bishop

    It wasn’t lazy. They made the right choice in the word selection because no one was for sure of anything. Allegely was the correct word. I have to agree with raggamuffinwriter.

  11. Jamey

    I have to point out they did know 7 people had been stabbed and police told them another employee was being held and suspected to be the stabber. This was at noon, the stabbing happened sometime around 9am. Police were on the scene and were even on tape later in that report saying “7 people were stabbed”.
    And even if they didn’t know for sure that 7 people had been stabbed, the wording on the sentence was still all wrong.
    “7 people have allegedly been stabbed”?
    terrible sentence.
    Have you ever heard someone who is not on television say “allegedly”? It’s not a conversational word.

  12. ragamuffinwriter

    You seem to hate the word “allegedly” as much as I hate the word “virtually.”

    Now there’s a crummy word.


  13. Anonymous

    Did you compare WMC and WREG’s web coverage of the FedEx plane crash today?

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