Pulling My Hair Out

Old dogs have a tough time learning new tricks. I must be an old dog.

I’ve got a couple of websites and the one for The ACTS Network has grown old, tired and boring. I purchased a website template more than a year ago, purchased Dreamweaver software and 2, count ’em two, Dummies books on the Mac software.

Guess how much I’ve learned?

Zip. Nada.

I have thus learned just as much about Dreamweaver in the past 2 years as I have learned about speaking Swahili.

Actually, a quick google search and I can now say “Shikamoo!” which is swahili for “I touch your feet”. Hope that doesn’t come in handy anytime soon.

I decided to switch the site to another registrar and use WordPress. Not only am I clueless, but the switch caused the entire website to go away.

Anybody know where I can get a good typewriter?


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